May 12

Well the stories are coming thick and fast about the latest product from Apple, No word from Apple themselves but just a quick search on the net brings enough detail to keep everyone happy, all except the date of launch.

Few searches today and some people are even expecting that apple slip there products into the store on Apple Tuesday ! whilst this is not unheard off, surely such an anticipated device will drum up midnight opening and people lining up around the corner that not even apple could pass this opportunity up. Reference

Speaking to a local CPW store he’s confirmed that the phone will infact according to his sources launch on June 9th and the only things that have been confirmed are 3G support and a redesign in black.

I for one can’t wait for the arrival, hopefully with new o2 plans and a better price to initially buy the product.

Until then i will have to survive with my flaky SW W950 and an on off vodafone network.

Aug 15

APPLE’S NICE-LOOKING aluminium keyboard shipped long before its media control keys were supported by the Mac’s software. According to Wired, Apple released a Keyboard Software Update 1.1, on Friday. The firm’s web page said that punters needed to install the 32.1MB update just to use their aluminium Apple Keyboard and take advantage of the keyboard’s special features.

However, no-one actually knows what the special features are and punters who were playing with the new range of Imacs in the shops before the update found that the media control keys didn’t actually work.

Wired thinks that the new software might be just a keyboard mapping to work with the new F-key arrangement, as well as the media control keys, however 32.1MB is a bit hefty to do just that.

There are also questions as to why Apple sent out a keyboard without the software that enabled it to work. Maybe they assumed that Macheads would buy what they were told without noticing

New Apple Keyboard

Aug 15


With its super-elegant new design and a strong configuration, Apple’s new iMac competes with the PC desktop market better than perhaps any previous Mac to date. Unless you’re a gamer or an upgrade enthusiast, we can think of very few reasons not to make an iMac your next desktop.

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